Bringer of Joy

When we named our baby it was important to us to choose a name that had meaning. We prayed and asked God and felt that we should call our little girl Beatrice – it means ‘bringer of joy’ amongst other meanings.

To us she has brought much joy already and now at the 6 month mark I’ve been reflecting on all that she’s taught me already about JOY. Here’s 6 reflections on the first 6 months with my bringer of joy.

1.) There’s joy in the tiredness

photo 1Tiredness is part of the territory with a newborn baby and even 6 months in I’ve still not yet had a full nights sleep so it’s fair to say I’m a little tired! But I’ve been amazed at how the body adapts and how gracious God is with me in my less awake state! Being slightly more tired than usual has at times put pressure on my relationship with Rich as we are more easily snappy with each other and at times less patient. But I’ve found much JOY in discovering a new deeper level of love and understanding in our relationship as we’ve learnt lots more about each other in our new role as parents.

2.) There’s joy in the laundry

I’ve always looked forward to being an ‘at home’ mum. It’s something I’ve always wanted and couldn’t wait for. I know for other mums the thought of being at home is terrifying, but for me I knew I’d relish it. Despite that, being at home has its challenges and the monotony of everyday chores and household jobs can begin to grate. Being at home alone can get lonely, especially for an extrovert!

I’ve learnt over the last 6 months to find Jesus and JOY in the mundane moments, the housework chores and to embrace my home and my new role in it.

3.) There’s joy in the not knowing what the heck you’re doing!

It’s safe to say, you spend the first few months with a new baby not really having much of a clue! It’s the steepest learning curve I’ve ever been on and looking back over these last 6 months I can have a good chuckle at some of things that I’ve said/done and the moments of madness that have occurred!

My JOY is being able to look back and laugh at the moments where I didn’t have a clue, stumbled on through, cried and wept and got all hormonal! Because in the end God was with me in every moment and I prayed my way through knowing making mistakes is really ok. Good job God will be with me in the future mistakes too!

photo 2

4.) There’s joy in discovering a new you

Being a mummy is a big responsibility. It’s tough work and it has stretched me considerably. Suddenly you have to learn a whole new set of skills you’ve never needed before, you’re making decisions you’ve not had to make before and you’re having to adapt to a new role you’ve never done before.

I’ve found JOY in discovering more about myself in these last few months. Discovering that I had a bit more patience and perseverance than I thought I ever could have! Discovering again my values, what’s important to me and what’s not. Discovering that it’s ok to get it wrong and it’s ok to do it differently to ‘Sheila’ down the road. Discovering that I can do this mummy thing and I’m not doing a bad job really.

5.) There’s joy in the mess

Having a baby can get messy…nappies, sick and now the joy of real food! It’s a messy business and at times it feels like all you’re doing is cleaning up! For me my home is my sanctuary and most would say I’m a tidy and clean sort of girl. Having a baby has challenged me greatly when it’s come to my home and having it the way I’d like it. I’ve had to learn to deal with my home being less clean and more messy than I’d like and continuing to invite people into our home even though I’ve not hoovered! (I hear you gasp!)

My challenge continually is to find JOY in the mess and to know my world won’t fall apart if I’ve not cleaned the bathroom for a while. I’m still working on this one…but I’m getting there!

6.) There’s joy in that little face

beatriceUltimately the biggest JOY these last 6 months is my daughter herself. One of my favourite things about her is her giggle. One thing I love is that whenever I pray with her she laughs. It could just be my funny face and the fact I probably use my voice to make praying fun, but I love it that when we are in conversation with our loving daddy in heaven, she laughs! It’s like she knows how good it is to talk to Jesus. There’s so much I can learn from her already and a reminder to have fun and be childlike in the presence of God is one of them.

If you’re a new mummy, I’d love to know where you’ve found JOY in your first few months with a baby. Thanks to Jesus, there’s joy in all situations and circumstances, even when it’s tough. Thanks also to Jesus that I get to be mummy to my beautiful ‘bringer of joy’.

Posted by Lizzie

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